Baby Shower Tea Party Invitations

Baby-Shower-Tea-Party-InvitBaby showers tend to lend themselves to a tea party. And what fun to choose the baby shower tea party invitations to start off your planning. Usually held during the day and typically a woman’s event, these two just seem to go nicely together.

Theme Time for the Tea Party

The easiest way to start the planning is to think of a theme. A tea party by itself can be the theme for your baby shower, but you can go further. A theme like Alice in Wonderland, baby animals or simply the appropriate color for the sex of the baby work as tea party themes. One of my favorite ways to pick a theme is to look at invitations.

Baby Shower Tea Party Invitations for Ideas

Definitely, I make use of the talented artists from to find theme ideas. They are so creative and imaginative that they do lots of the work for me. Let me show you some examples here.

You can see the first invitation is clearly designed for a little boy baby shower. But, it also has an elegant touch to it. Stripes and ribbons make an elegant way to add decorations. Think of things like little heart confetti on the tables. You can also see color schemes come through.

The middle invitation, clearly for a baby girl, shows the pink and salmon colors as a nice combination. Making use of a striped pattern for party decorations works well. Ideas are popping for you already, right?

The invitation to the right is clearly Alice in Wonderland. But look at the color scheme and the little extras that are used to create the image on the front. These items can become part of your party decor and centerpiece.

Easy Baby Shower Tea Party Invitation Choices

Ordering my invitations from Zazzle. com has always been a good choice for me. I can add all the details for my tea party, order only the number that I need and I get them quickly. I have always been delighted with the quality of invites and the customer service of the company. Not only am I impressed, but my guests are too. I am constantly asked where I got these unique and beautiful baby shower tea party invitations.

So go ahead and plan a baby shower tea party. Make sure to order an extra invitation for the future mother to save in her baby scrapbook. Then you, the mother-to-be and all your guests can enjoy a delightful baby shower tea party.

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