Flower Themed Tea Party Planning

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Flower-Themed-Tea-PartyFlowers and tea parties are a perfect combination. Planning a flower themed tea party is easy whether you chose a variety of flowers or just focus on one type. Decorations, food ideas, even tea party invitations can all be centered around a floral theme.

Basics for Tea Party Planning

The big difference between tea party planning and other types of parties will often be your menu. Typically, tea parties are scheduled for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. That means you won’t need to serve a meal, just treats or snack items.

Of course, the beverage options will focus on tea. The options for flavors and varieties of teas are nearly endless. So narrow your choices to ones that match your flower themed tea party. My personal favorites are blooming teas. These actually create beautiful blooms in the bottom of the tea pot as they steep.

Flower Themed Tea Party Decorations

As you plan your decorations for your flower themed tea party, you’ll want to think about things like your table centerpiece. A simple flower arrangement can make a stunning centerpiece.

Always, I include napkins that carry my theme. These 4-inch square paper napkins are great choices. They come in sets of 50 so you have plenty for all your guests. Set them in several piles around your buffet table for additional tea party decor.

Easy Flower Shaped Food

No matter what kinds of food you serve, make sure they are finger-sized. A fun addition for your theme is to cut sandwiches and cookies with flower-shaped cookie cutters. Add edible flower petals for not only color accent, but to continue your flower themed tea party.

Cookie cutters come in just about any shape you can think of, including many different types and sizes of flowers. So chose ones that match your particular flower favorites, or just enjoy a general flower shape for your foods. Either way, the shape of your sandwich foods will complement your flower themed tea party.

Be Sure to Enjoy Your Own Tea Party

You will go to lots of work to plan your tea party, so make sure you get to enjoy it as well. Limit your last minute cooking and preparations. The more of your menu items you can prepare ahead of time, the easier it is for you. Try to keep your work for the party at just brewing the tea. Then you can enjoy your own flower themed tea party.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Flowers and tea do just seem to go together! I do love just about anything floral, but I am especially fond of the flowering teapots.

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