Flowering Teas to Enjoy and Decorate a Tea Party

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Flowering-TeasThe first time I saw a flowering tea in action, I knew I was in love. Think of a clear teapot with a bloom happening right in front of your eyes. Then think of enjoying the delicate and delightful flavors of the tea.

Making Magic

These delicious teas first appear to be just a small nut-sized ugly ball. Literally! Put Flowering-Tea-Samplerplace one or several in the bottom of a glass teapot, add boiling water and watch the magic happen. These ugly little balls actually bloom into a beautiful display for your guests.

Flowering Tea Samplers

Serving tea to your guests can often mean offering choices for what flavor or variety they may want. Tea samplers are the perfect way to do that. Well, flowering teas are also available as samplers. The varieties are not a numerous as tea leaves, but there are enough choices that you can offer your guests different variations.


 Heavenly Tea Leaves Organic Flowering Tea Sampler Gift Set – Assortment of 15 Organic Flowering Tea Blossoms Teas Etc S0601 8-Count Flowering Green-Tea Sampler GROSCHE Hand made premium 12 blooming tea variety pack, Green and white Jasmine teas

With flowering tea samplers you also have the ability to blend your own flavors and your own tea party decoration. Try out several different variations to get a flavor effect as well as a bloom effect in your glass pot.

Create a Tea Party Centerpiece

OK, you have delicious teas to serve your guests, but you also have a great centerpiece for your tea party table. Always use a glass tea pot, you want to be able to see the blooms. Do a little practice ahead of your party so you can determine which teas in what arrangements will make the best effect for your centerpiece. When you have the look you want, write it down. Make sure you can recreate it when your guests arrive.

Then kick off your party with a delightful blooming centerpiece. Your guests will remember your tea party for a long time to come.

More Options for Blooming Teas

Since there are different varieties of blooming teas, both for the flavors and the actual blooms, you may want to pick different options than I have chosen. Just look at Flowering Teas to see lots more options. You can find just the effect of flavor and blooms for your next party.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I have never heard of flowering teas before. What a fantastic and unique idea! I’m glad I can purchase it through your article. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Mandee says:

    I love the idea of using the flowering teas in a clear, glass pot as a centerpiece! How awesome would that be for your next tea party?

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