Fun Serving Dishes for a Tea Party

Fun-and-Unusual-Tea-Party-STea parties can be fun and interesting with unusual and fun serving dishes for your buffet table. Whether you like to plan with a theme in mind, or just want to have something different for serve ware, these unusual serving dishes are just the ticket to a fun tea party. Plus, they make unique gifts. Something we all look for.

Uncommon Goods Fun Serve ware

Recycled, upcycled and handmade all make for the most unique and fun items. Uncommon has them all. Besides being able to create a delightful buffet table for your next tea party, you are also helping the environment. Now that is a combination worth it’s weight in gold. These are some of my favorite serving dishes from Uncommon Goods that make my tea party buffets different from anyone elses.

Creating a Great Tea Party Buffet

Tea parties naturally lend themselves to buffet serving. Your guests will be holding a teacup, mingling with friends and nibbling on their foods. Therefore, a sit down option for your menu is not as easily workable. Using a buffet setting works so much better. Guests can browse the menu options and choose what works best for them. Your buffet will also be a focal point for your tea party. So make it as charming as you can.

That includes setting all of your items on fun serving dishes. Plan for a varied height arrangement with tiered buffet stands, then complement with different sized and styled serve ware. Your tea party foods will be hold the main focus, but your serving dishes will add the accents and charm for your buffet table.

Working with Tea Party Themes

A fun and unusual tea party theme lends itself well to a fun buffet table. You don’t need to go crazy with your decor. In fact, the simple addition of a few decorating pieces to your buffet table may be all you need. For example, if a rustic theme is something you would like to plan, then wood items work well as part of your serve ware and your decor.

Imagine this set of wooden serving trays set as part of your buffet table, then surrounded with antique lace ribbon. You can find lots more ways to use recycled  and upcycled items for your buffet decor at the Stylish Buffet Table.

No matter whether you like to work with themes, or just plan a simple tea party, going fun and unique with your serving dishes will make for a more interesting buffet table.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    These really are unique and fun serving bowls! I had to look twice at the zipped bag bowl because I thought at first, that it was a real ziplock bag sitting there.

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