Girl’s Birthday Tea Party Invitations

Girls-Birthday-Tea-Party-InYoung girls and tea parties just seem to go together. When you want to have a tea party for your daughter’s birthday, these invitations are ideal. Easy to personalize and delightfully unique to give her a great birthday party.

Girl’s Birthday Tea Party Invitations

As the mother of 3 daughters, tea parties for them have been popular in my house. Birthdays are always a great excuse, but any occasion would do for them. I have purchased many birthday invitations and many have been unique for a tea party. These are some of those darling ones that both the girls and I love.


Choosing Unusual for the Invitations

Although there were times when I purchased the store packaged versions of invitations, not any more. Since I discovered all of my invitations now come through it. There are many reasons for this and here are just some of my favorites.

  • Unique and unusual designs. No department store, or discount house has these great designs. And the choice is so incredible.
  • Talented artists. Without a doubt, some of the most talented artists put their designs on invitations. If I want to make any adjustments in the design, I can either do that directly from Zazzle or easily contact the designer who has always been thrilled to make those changes for me.
  • Order only the number you need. There is no minimum order of invitations from Zazzle. That means I get just the number that I need with no left overs.
  • Affordable pricing. The prices for the invitations are definitely affordable. There are no set up costs, no extra fees and no charges for personalizing them.
  • Great quality paper stock. Zazzle only picks top quality products, so none of that flimsy paper that department store invitations are printed on. Plus, I get my choice of 9 different types of stock.

The Best Choice for Easy Personalizing

The very best reason for choosing these invitations is that it’s so easy to add in the details for your own daughter’s birthday party. The invitation designers give you fill-in-the-blank options to make it simple. Just think. You can have all the invitations you need no matter how large or small her birthday will be and never have to hand write a detail again. Talk about easy!

So go ahead and make your choice, knowing that you will be getting the best birthday party invitation with the easiest personalizing options. Then enjoy your daughter’s tea party birthday, too.

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About the Author: A hostess of many tea parties and lover of all things tea, I have been working with party planning for many years. Whether you want to plan a simple tea party or a formal afternoon tea, or something in between, all the help and advice you need from professionals is right here. For more about tea time, teapots and teacups visit Whimsical Teapots & Teacups. It will be an enjoyable event for you and your guests. .


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  1. Mandee says:

    I do love tea parties and so do little girls! My daughter’s 5th birthday was a tea party with all the little girls arriving in dresses, gloves and hats. My daughter still talks about it! All these tea party invitations are adorable and would work — birthday or not!

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