Tea Party Planning: Sweets Buffet

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Sweets BuffetIt’s perfectly acceptable and fun to have a sweets buffet tea party. Desserts go well with tea. So plan your next tea party with a sweets buffet and enjoy the fun along with your guests.

Tea Party Planning

For any tea party, planning is an important factor. You plan when to have your party. You plan who the guests will be. And you plan the menu. A sit-down tea party, whether formal or casual, is something else you plan. But, a buffet-style tea party is also one to plan.

Whether you add decorating items and create a theme for your tea party is up to you. Themes can be a fun way to have a party. They certainly make decorating and menu plans easier. But, a theme isn’t required. In fact, a sweets-only tea party can be it’s own theme.

Sweets Buffet Theme Decorating

With a sweets-only theme for your tea party, your decorating can be easily related. Menu items for sweets often include fruit and berries. There you have decorating ideas. Artificial fruits and greenery interlaced on your buffet table. Use a fruit basket as your centerpiece.

Sweets are often seen placed on doilies. That makes lace a great item to include in your decorating. Plus, white is then a major part of your color scheme.

Think about the sweets you will be serving to give you more clues to decorating. Chocolate strawberry desserts can lead you to a brown and pink color scheme.

Buffet-Style Sweets Menu

You chose a buffet style tea party. That makes it easier for your guests to mingle. It makes it easier for you to enjoy your party as well. Set up your buffet, then only do some refilling as needed. No serving involved.

With a buffet-style tea party planning, you want to keep the menu options to finger foods. Your guests will be holding a tea cup in one hand. They will be eating with the other hand. And standing around talking with each other. This is not the time to force them to sit down to handle a knife and fork.

Set up your buffet table with plenty of variation in height. This is appealing to the eye. Keep your menu items set up around the outer edge of the table. You don’t want guests to have to lean over other foods to reach what they want. That will save clothing from being drug across food. Reserve the inner section of the table for decorations and your centerpiece.

Enjoy Your Tea Party Planning

This is the time to have a little fun. Get creative in your planning. If you don’t think you’re creative, you may be surprised. Take a look at Themes and Ideas to find ways to unleash your creativity for a party theme.

When you get your imagination going, you will have more fun in the planning process. This should never be a chore for you, but a fun part of the event. So relax and enjoy your tea party planning.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Ahhh, you had me at “sweets buffet”! LOL Yes, a tea party is an excellent place to have a sweets buffet and the guests will be in heaven with the combination of sweets and tea. Great ideas!

  2. Cynthia says:

    The is nothing like the fun of a tea party and a beautifully set buffet! Thank you for the suggestions and tips.

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