Vintage Cake Plates for Tea Party Buffets

Vintage-Cake-PlatesLovely and decorative, vintage cake plates make great accents for a tea party buffet. They are ideal for a fancy tea party, but work great for just about any theme you like for your buffet.

The vintage style is a popular one. And it works well for your themed tea party.

Using Vintage Cake Plates on a Buffet

Although they are called cake plates, cakes aren’t the only things they can display for a buffet. That flat surface makes them ideal for just about any kinds of foods you want to serve.

Most of the food you will serve at a tea party will be smaller sized. Finger foods are the best choice. So you can arrange a stack of finger sandwiches or cookies on a vintage cake plate. Mini-cupcakes can set out on a cake plate as well. Even fruit or vegetable bites can work.

If you use cookie cutters to shape your food items for the buffet, those will make a nice look set on a vintage cake plate. Really, anything will work for you.

Vintage Cake Plates For the Buffet

The look of vintage is usually ornate. You want to find things that have extra decorative accents. These are some of the cake plates that I like for a vintage tea party buffet. Each is a pedestal style. That makes it easier to have height and visual appeal for my buffets.

Arranging a Tea Party Buffet

The serving pieces that you use for your tea party buffet work best if they are of varying heights. It makes a more appealing look to your buffet table.

Pedestal cake plates allow you to raise the food items. They also give you a place to arrange decorations like ribbons or garland around the table, but away from the actual food.

These vintage cake plates also give you some space saving value. The table that I use for buffets isn’t very large, so space saving is important to me. I can add extra pedestal cake plates and get another layer for the food items. That makes arranging my tea party buffet so much easier.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I have always loved cake plates and the vintage styles really are so very elegant! It is surprising how really hard it is to find a pretty cake plate these days.

  2. Barb says:

    Wow, these vintage cake plates are amazing! The first one you showed, with the beads, is surprisingly affordable. I’m happy!

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