What Types of Foods to Serve for a Tea Party

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tea party foods to serveHosting a tea party is a fun thing to do, but with any party, food plays a major part. You want the food to be appropriate for your theme, for your guests and for the ease of you enjoying your own party. That’s what we all want for a tea party.

For Your Theme

Tea parties can be just about any theme you can possibly imagine. It’s more fun if the food matches the theme. The type of foods you serve are one thing, the shape of the foods another. Make use of cookie cutters in your theme to add to the fun.

Say you are doing a formal English tea, similar to a Victorian era tea. Then you want foods like Devonshire cream, cucumber and watercress finger sandwiches and others that were traditionally served then.

But, let’s say you are doing a baby shower tea party with a theme of baby jungle monkeys. Right off the bat, banana bread is perfect!

Foods for the Ease of Your Guests

Oh, yes, you can have darling themes for your tea party, but you want to keep in mind what all your guests will have to deal with. First, they have to deal with a teacup and saucer. One hand is already occupied. That leaves only the other hand for picking up food. In other words, finger foods are the order of the day.

Knives and forks are hard to deal with at a tea party, so keep to small one or two bite finger foods. Your guests should be able to place a few food items on the side of their saucer. Picture holding a saucer in one hand, then the other hand has the choice between taking a sip of tea from the cup or taking a bite of food.

For Your Own Ease

As the hostess, you want to enjoy your own tea party. You want to visit with your guests and take part in the tea drinking and munching. The last thing you want to do is to slave over a hot oven. So planning ahead makes sense. Go for recipes and menu items that can be made before hand and served cold. Or at least at room temperature.

That doesn’t mean hot food items are off the list, just make sure to keep them to a minimum and that they can still taste good if they cool off a bit. Using buffet warmers can also help keep food warm while you enjoy your guests and your own party.

Try ideas like a sweets-only buffet for your afternoon tea party. Any kind of buffet makes a great way to serve foods for your next tea party. Remember to arrange your buffet in the most appealing way, with plenty of different heights and arrangements.

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